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When everyday stress becomes chronic anxiety to the point of overwhelm, it prevents us from living our fullest life.

If you or a loved one is suffering from trauma or chronic stress, then you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find the start of a path to rediscovering your true self, a self of strength and wisdom.

Sometimes, when we undergo stressful life situations or major transitions, our body’s can get stuck in “fight, flight or freeze response.”

This can show up as chronic anxiety, depression, work or career difficulties, relationship problems, eating disorders, addictions or physical pain.

Together we can work to relieve this “stuck energy”, transforming it into a more positive, flowing creative life force.

About Jennifer Katz

As a licensed Psychotherapist with over 20 years of clinical practice, I am trained in both analytic and interpersonal therapy. I integrate this with a special technique called Somatic Experiencing, developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD. Somatic Experiencing is a psychobiological approach which uses our bodies natural healing capabilities to unblock stuck energies, and thus, restore balance.

Each day offers us an opportunity to heal the old wounds that prevent us from moving forward into the world as fully functioning human beings. Having experienced trauma myself, I know the effects, and can work with you to develop the tools to overcome them.

My goal is to help you lead the life you were meant to have. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping others move forward through their fear and pain into a space of infinite strength, where anything is possible. In my practice, I provide a safe and nurturing environment to rediscover your authentic self.

“Jennifer Katz is a warm, understanding therapist who was always present with me as I worked through all the fear and pain that was holding me back. I feel like I was reborn and discovered life again. ”
DJ, Fairfield County, CT

I welcome free phone consultations to discuss the nature of how I work, and any concerns you may have.

Jennifer Katz  •  (914) 282-1896  •  Armonk, NY

Insurance accepted (out of network) license number RO33140-1


Adolescents and adults, individual and couples therapy.

Trauma, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, addictions, physical pain, P.T.S.D, work and relationship issues, eating disorders.


1982 — B.A. Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison

1985 — M.S.W. Hunter School of Social Work

1985 — L.C.S.W. State of New York

1988 — Post Masters in Advanced Clinical Social Work – Hunter School of Social Work

1990-1993 — Training practitioner at the Center for Study of Anorexia and Bulimia, New York, NY

2015 – Present — Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute, Boulder, CO/Southbury, Connecticut


1994-Present — Private Practice, New York City and Westchester, NY

1992-1995 — Program Director, Adolescent Unit at Regent Psychiatric Hospital

1990-2000 — Member of Association of Anorexia and Bulimia (AABA)

We all carry a healing capacity within us, my role is to assist and help you find yours.